April 27, 2011 Press Release


Is A LOVE/HATE Relationship Developing Between Kindle And Its Indie Authors And Readers?



Indie Kindle Authors Blog (IKAB), A Cooperative AuthorsSite, Introduces Their First‘Point & Counterpoint’ Discussion which highlights the risks and rewards for all partiesinvolved in the Kindle digital publishing phenomenon.



PRLog (Press Release)Apr 27, 2011 – Point & Counterpoint will be a regular feature on IKAB, and will not shy away from sensitive or controversial issues facing Indie Authors and the publishing industry.

‘Is there a LOVE/HATE relationship developing between Kindle and its Indie Authors and readers?’ can be viewed at www.indiekindleauthors.com.
This look into the digital book publishing industry not only challenges a number of widely held opinions, but also brings into question some of the supposed intrinsic benefits brought about by the Kindle revolution.

Upcoming P&C Discussions—
Should Indie Authors jump at the chance of getting a contract from a print publisher?If a number of successful Indie Authors resist that temptation, what signal will that send to the entire publishing industry?
Are print publishers becoming nothing more than opportunists who swoop in after the digital publishers help uncover the brightest new talent in the Indie Author pool?

IKAB is—
A cooperative site where authors can share experiences and ideas.
A site where their cooperative effort will bring synergistic benefits to the individual author.
A site where ‘readers’ and aspiring authors will gain a better insight into the E book publishing phenomenon.
A site which not only supports but encourages an open exchange of divergent ideas on all substantive issues concerning Indie Authors and the publishing of their works.

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Bob Wiltz & Bob Rustico, Indie Authors themselves, are committed to making www.indiekindleauthors.com a positive experience for their peers. With the challenges facing nearly all Indie Authors, they are convinced a cooperative site like IKAB has become a necessity. You can contact either Bob at indiekindleauthors@gmail.com.


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